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National Carriers, Inc. has named Driver of the Month recognition for January through April of 2023: Genieve (Gigi) Gammon, Adam Hayes, Cedric Clayborn, and Johnny Malone were named as Drivers of the Month. Each driver received a one- thousand- dollar bonus and each is now eligible to be named 2023 Driver of the Year. The Driver of the Year will receive an additional $10,000 bonus.
Prior to embarking on her professional CDL driving career, Gammon worked as a nurse as well as in passenger transportation in Georgia. A job-related injury convinced her to search for a different occupation. Since she enjoyed driving, she decided to earn a class A CDL. In August of 2020 she joined National Carriers as a paid driver trainee. After going solo, she built her experience and confidence, becoming a company driver/trainer herself. She enjoys helping others who are entering the driving profession.
“I feel responsible to teach safety, deliveries, and all things trucking. At National Carriers we share great camaraderie and an open-door policy. At National Carriers everyone is very personable, and drivers are not just a truck number. Since starting my career, I’m 100% about moving forward. I enjoy seeing the day begin every morning. Each week is a new challenge during which I see different scenery all the time. I like training. I enjoy building a team with those who want to learn; however, I am allergic to lazy people,” Gammon laughed.
Adam Hayes began his driving career as a company driver with National Carriers in October of 2019. After earning a degree in psychology from San Francisco State University, he decided to attend truck driving school. He looked forward to exploring the United States and getting paid to do it. Taking advantage of National Carriers pet policy, he loaded up his dog Quest, and began his freight-hauling career.
Hayes shared, “It’s really cool to be paid to travel and see the country. Quest provides companionship as we get out of the truck and exercise. I look for areas to walk him and explore. Having a pet onboard certainly makes the miles go quicker. I work four weeks in a row then take time off with my family in California or Oklahoma. Besides the travel, I enjoy the consistent pay trucking provides.
Cedric Clayborn joined National Carriers as a company driver in April of 2019. Making his home in Mississippi, he serves customers across the country. Prior to transportation he was involved in the retail furniture business but felt confined and restless. A sports enthusiast all his life, Clayborn prioritizes exercise in his weekly routine.
“I enjoy the independence of trucking. The best thing about driving at National Carriers is once I am assigned a load it’s my responsibility to get it done. I do what I need to do to deliver my freight safely and on-time,” he confided.
Johnny Malone is an owner-operator who joined National Carriers in 1993. Living in North Carolina, he began his career at a now defunct National Carrier terminal in Atlanta, Georgia. Through his tenure he has delivered refrigerated freight throughout the lower 48 states. With over four million miles driven without a reportable accident, Malone has led by example.
“I take advantage of my freedom. I love what I do, I find it very enjoyable. Trucking has been good, bad, and then good again. There are always up and downs. Communication has been the biggest change in my time on the road. When I began, drivers had to search for pay phones to call in, logs were done by hand, and there was no way to communicate directly from the office to the truck. I am very appreciative of cell phones, in-cab communication devices, and electronic logs,” Malone observed.
Vice President of Operations, Mark Phillips stated, “When I think of this group of drivers, the first word that comes to mind is dependable. Gigi does things by the book and is extremely positive, and that is contagious. Adam is loyal and puts National Carriers first. Cedric is low-maintenance, dependable, and professional in every way. Of course, Johnny Malone has been a pillar at National Carriers for many years. I am extremely proud to have these individuals who have chosen our firm as their professional driving employment.”

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National Carriers is a diversified motor carrier servicing all 48 states in the continental United States with transportation offerings which include refrigerated, livestock, and logistics services. At National Carriers, our mission is “to be the safest, most customer-focused, and successful motor carrier in our class.”
Being part of the Elite Fleet® means enjoying a career worthy of your skills and commitment to excellence. We believe long-term success is waiting for you at National Carriers®, one of the nation’s oldest, most respected, and successful carriers. Learn about our exciting opportunities for owner operators as well as company drivers. If you are interested in a leasing a truck, National Carriers® Leasing Division is the ideal partner to help you get started.


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