Irving, TX

One driver is always asking, “What’s next?” The other is 100% devoted to the task at hand, but both are Drivers of the Month for National Carriers, Inc. (NCI). 

NCI, a leader in refrigerated transportation, recently paid out $1,000 awards to two very different, but equally exceptional monthly award recipients. Gene Solis of Corpus Christi, Texas, won for July, and Sam Moore of Chula Vista, California, won for August. As Drivers of the Month, they’re also in the running for Driver of the Year and its $10,000 prize. 

“If I could clone truck drivers, Gene Solis would be the guy I’d choose,” said his driver manager, Aaron Donbar. “He’s an ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way” kind of guy who always arrives on time (or before) and keeps rolling if he’s got time on the clock. Whenever he can deliver early, he’ll call ahead and ask for his next move. And besides all that, he’s got a cool head and positive attitude.” 

“What I do at NCI is what I’ve done for a long time,” said Solis. “I deliver my loads safely and as quickly as I can to see what load is next. When I first saw the “Elite” fleet logo on NCI trailers I was intrigued. The equipment looked comfortable and well maintained. I am happy to say there were no surprises when I got here. Aaron is a damn good driver manager. I would not have been recognized for this award if not for him. We have good communication, and I am honored to win Driver of the Month.” 

Donbar is also the driver manager for August winner, Sam Moore, who could be best described as “dedicated.” As a former Navy seaman and now a company driver since 2016, Sam brings his military discipline to the job. He often literally goes the extra mile and is always willing to cover another load. 

With his armed forces background, Moore represents NCI as a proud supporter of Wreaths Across America which honors veterans. He’s also a devoted family man providing for his own. “Sam’s a great guy to work with,” said Donbar. “He stays positive even when things go wrong, and I’m grateful to have him on my board.” Moore responded, “I will tell you right now, I would not want another driver manager. Aaron and I think alike and are always on the same page. I enjoy delivering the wreaths each year, being able to take my dog with me, and getting home time with my family. NCI has been a great fit for me.” 

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