Surprised Winner: Goldie Seymour 2014 Driver of the Year

DOY Goldie Seymour poses with NCI President Jim Franck
DOY Goldie Seymour poses with NCI President Jim Franck

President of National Carriers, Jim Franck shared his thoughts, “Goldie exemplifies the “Elite” Fleet.  Always a positive can do attitude. She goes out of her to be professional in everything she does. She is also the first female Driver of the Year at NCI.   I am sure, the first of many to come. Thank you for all you do Goldie it’s my privilege to work alongside you.”

Director of Driver Services, Al Love stated, “Goldie is a true professional and she is always willing to help. Last year she worked on behalf of our recruiting team at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas. She also led in challenging our staff and drivers to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Goldie is truly ‘ELITE”.

Later Goldie responded with appreciation, “Now that the shock has worn off I want to thank all for granting me this honor. My journey with National Carriers, Inc. began with MS Gene Rose, a fantastic lady and a member of one the better recruiting teams I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. After my orientation which was led by John Originales and the rest of the team. Out of orientation I was given a late model company truck and was assigned to Jeff Chance as my driver manager. In May of 2014 I became a lease operator in National Carriers truck leasing program and began my journey with Kim Obholz and the leasing team. I was reassigned a new driver manager, Michael Ritchie. It’s been a fantastic journey and I am looking forward to many more years at National Carriers. I have to say thank you to Jim Franck, Al Love, and Ed Kentner, all the customer service representatives, load planners and mechanics. There are so many people involved in this journey and I want all to know I appreciate you each and every one. Thanks again.”


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